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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

World Book Night 2014: Consider Giving in the Name of a Book Lover on Your List Suggestion 3

Consider giving to World Book Night in the name of a Book Lover on your list.

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Spreading the Love of Reading,
Person to Person
Dear WBN Friend,
Whether giver or recipient, teacher or student, lives are changed by World Book Night.

"Thank you for the opportunity to give away books to my students. They absolutely love the title and students that I haven't been about to motivate all year are addicted to reading it. They come up to me daily and tell me about it." --Ida from TX

"I really like the book. I read it whenever I get the chance. It is my number one favorite. I am already on chapter three. The book reminds me of joy when I am depressed. It reminds me that school's important when I don't want to be at school. Let's just say my head was ticking, my mouth was not tocking." --Sixth grader S. from MI

Thanks to your efforts, fully one-third of the 500,000 books distributed each April 23 go to students at underfunded middle and high-schools. You put the books into the hands of the pupils themselves, many without means or access to books otherwise, many of whom have never had a book of their own before. You share the joy of reading for pleasure. You make World Book Night the celebration it is meant to be.

Please help continue the celebration buy supporting World Book Night with a year-end, tax-deductible gift. Your contribution helps ensure that we can reach students, their families, and their communities for years to come. Donate online now or by sending a check to our offices at 71 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY, 10003. (And if you work for a company offering matching gifts, be sure to submit for such funds.)

Thank you and happy holidays,
Carl Lennertz
Executive Director

P.S. Just one more: "As I look out in the hallways during passing period, I see the students carrying the books, almost like a badge of honor." --Kristin, a teacher

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