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This I Believe...Jordan



This I Believe...Jordan


  Day 1-

     My top values are:



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Today's Reflection: 
Today was a good day. I had fun. We got to do really cool stuff. I can't wait for tomorrow.

     Day 2-

Jordan’s Value Report Card

Honesty:                              B
Narrative: Why? Because I am honest most of the time but not always.

Creativity:                                                                     A 
Narrative: Why? Because I am a very creative person and I express it in so many different ways.
Responsibility:                                                    A
Narrative: Why? Because I am very responsible when it comes to being on time, taking care of things, and keeping up with school.


I Believe in…


I believe in the freedom of individual rights,

The success from doctors towards their patients,

The respect for animals,

The madness of people who seek revenge,

The leadership of kings,

Confidence, reliability, responsibility.


But how people believe some things are impossible is outrageous.


I believe in the wisdom of the youth,

I believe in the wealthy being loyal to great causes,

 I believe in the unfortunate being honest, self-controlled, having integrity, having faith.


And I believe in people who strive to do their best.
Today's reflection:
Today was a good day, too. We evaluated ourselves and wrote a poem. Tomorrow will be yet another good day.




Day 3-





I am

Respect, Loyalty, Creativity

I enjoy the plants and animals the world bares.

Self-control is important to me.

Honesty is important to me.

Reliability is important to me.

Politeness is a good thing.

Lying is bad, but it also save something or someone’s life.

Animal are becoming endangered.

The plants are being chopped down.

Their homes are being destroyed.

This is me.


Today's Reflection:
Today was again, another good day. We went outside today to write what we believe in on the sidewalk. We listened to an essay. Then we wrote a poem about ourselves.

Day 4-



Someday I will understand why Pluto isn’t a planet anymore
Someday I will learn to be patient
Someday I will graduate
Someday I will move to Florida
Someday I will get my Masters’ degree
Someday I will be an author
Someday I will own a bakery with my best friend
Someday I will discover the world
Someday I will succeed in life.

Window of Life


Waddling over to the frosty window of life

With layers and layers of clothes made from fur

I open the window’s eyes and see dedication

A little girl outside my window making something

I couldn’t tell what though

It was all a blur

Wiping the frost off the window

I see it now

A snowman


Walking up my porch, she asks for a carrot

I come and go back and forth

Then she finally speaks

“The nose goes north.”

“It is fifty degrees out there.

Why don’t you come in.”

“I can’t. I have to finish.”

Sighing, I pull up a chair to the window

And watch as she makes her snowman


Hours have passed and she’s still there

She was almost done

She just needed the head

Slowing and carefully placing it on

And it slipped between her hands

It was ruined

The thing she had been working so hard on

And for what?

“Just come inside.

You are probably freezing.”

“I can’t I have to do this.”

She was so stubborn

“Why do you have to?”

“Because every year, I made a snowman with my dad but now he’s gone.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know”

As she looked away, she searched the snow for the carrot

I raced to my kitchen and gave her another

Then she started working on the head once again


By only a few minutes, the head was on

It was a beautiful snowman

The perfectly lined up buttons

The mittens even matched

I asked her for a cup of hot chocolate and she said

“I thought you’d never ask.

I was so cold out there.

It was like fifty degrees out there.”

Laughing, I take her to the kitchen

 Today's Reflection:

Today was good. We wrote some poems and "watched" a collage being made. I had fun. It was a good birthday, so far.


Day 5-

Morning thoughts:
Today is a Monday, therefore, I have no thoughts.

Today's Reflection:
Today was...different. Instead of making poems and reading them out loud. We worked our collages, poems, and essays.

Day 6-

Morning thoughts:
I have no thoughts right now.

Today's Reflection:
Today was very productive. There are a few things that I need to add to the front and some things I want to add to the back. But otherwise, I would it is turning out pretty good.

Day 7-

Morning thoughts:
I think I am going to finish my collage and maybe finish my writing for it.
Today's reflection:
Well, I finished everything and it just needs to dry. I feel great about it.

Day 8-

Morning thoughts:
Today I am really excited. It is the last day of summer enrichment. I had a lot of fun this year.
Final Reflection:
This was a great program. I hag a lot of fun. Thank you Ms. White!

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