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This I Believe...Jenna


This I Believe...Jenna

                 1. Faith
                  2. Creativity
                   3. Hope
                    4. Empathy
                     5. Flexibility
     I want to present my values in a video collage / Power point. I think it will be an easy and fun way to express what I hold above everything else.
Reaction to Day 1:
  • a lot of creative thinking
  • a lot of independence
  • a lot of fun creating my own blog
  • helps me think of what my real values are



      DAY  2:

        FAITH: b+: I go to church and I have a strong pull to Jesus but sometimes I forget to pray over meals and little things like praying before I go to bed. I do try to bring people to church and that is a leap of faith for me and I go to church every Sunday and Tuesday

CREATIVITY: b- : I try to be creative with my art and my ideas, but a lot of the time I pull little details for other pieces of art or other writings. I like to try and be original but being creative is a huge part of my life; I need to be original with my ideas so I can become a better artist.  
HOPE: c- : I would say I’m at a c- because I don’t always look on the positive side of things and I don’t always try to think of a better solution. Going to church reinsures my hope for a better future. My church’s motto is “The best is yet to come”, and that gives me confidence in a hopeful future.
My credo poem; this I believe


I believe in being loyal to God, and perusing faith throughout tough times.
I believe in the compassion towards everyone, do for one as you would for all.
 I believe in the dedication to your beliefs and your skills, following your dreams is huge.
I believe in the freedom of speech, anyone should be able to say what they want, when they want to, and where ever they want.
 I believe in having the confidence to be true to you, and not let anyone change who you are.


I do not believe in rich or poor. I do not believe that people of a higher class get more than poor people. I believe that everyone is equal and the amount of money you have does not change who you are and you should not be given different things such as a higher class airplane.

I believe in charity and giving back to the community and helping the less fortunate. 
 I believe in flexibility, and what may be convenient for you is not for someone else and try to work around others schedule.
 I believe in patience, patience is a virtue and you need to give people time to do what they need.



  • a lot of fun online designing.
  • a lot of critical thinking on values
  • fun making visual word pictures
  • creating a poem is tough

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