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This I Believe...Grace

This I Believe...Grace
Day 1-

  • Honesty
  • Love
  • Respect
  • Creativity
  • Dedication
  • Enthusiasm
  • Confidence
  • Patience
  • Responsibility
  • Hope
  • Charity
  • Prudence
  • Knowledge
My plan
I am going to create a photo collage describing my values.
My reaction to the first day was great it was fun and it let your creativity shine. Every activity we did I liked. I can't wait to come back.

Day 2-

Grace’s value report card

Honesty                        B

Narrative: Why? I am not always truthful. I am still working on it and getting better. But I still need a little more work.

Confidence                B

Narrative: Why? I try to be confident in whatever I do like basketball, softball, singing and acting but sometimes I get so down that my confidence goes down. But I am working on this and to me it’s almost an A but it needs a tiny bit of work still.

Dedication                A

Narrative: Why? I never give up something once I start it and I always put my heart to whatever I do. I also never make choices that effect something I have dedicated my time to.

Grace’s credo poem

I believe in the effect of music on people
The importance of family
The strength people have in hard times
The hope for this world to become a better place
The positive effects people can give us
Patience, confidence, love
But the belief of people being able to judge people they don’t even know is terrible
I believe in the creativity of the mind
I believe in courage and confidence for all
I believe happiness will come in dark times
Peace, love, delight
And I believe in the people who can make a little thing seem so much better, people who light up in the darkness, and can make the world a better place
Today was really fun. I liked the value report card and loved the word picture. I don't really like creating poems because I am not that good at doing that but it was still fun and better than I thought it would be. I had a lot of fun today.
Day 3-
   Chalk Art


I am poem
I am

Love, Confidence, Creativity

Hope is important to me

Honesty is important to me
Love is important to me
The world will get better
Never give up
I am

I thought day 3 was really fun. I really liked the sidewalk chalk. I hope a lot of people read our quotes. we also did the "I am" poem. I think I am getting a lot better at poems with the creativity part. we also listened to a "This I Believe" essay from a 12 year old girl who got chosen for her essay to be on a radio and it was a good story. Mrs. White also showed us one of her picture collages and it gave me so many ideas for my picture collage. I can't wait to get started.

Day 4-


Someday I will have all the solos and lead roles I want
 Someday I will have a job
Someday I will go to college
Someday my dedication will make my life better
Someday I will find the love of my life
Someday I will be filled with hope for kids
Someday I will have kids
Someday people will be thankful for me to be in their lives
Someday people will always be happy
Someday nobody will be mad or upset with me
Someday I will have more empathy for other people

Someday I will have all the dogs I want

Someday there will be no more animal abuse
Someday there will be peace in this world
Someday people will know me for my love of animals, softball, basketball, singing and acting
Someday my life will inspire people
Someday I will have grandchildren
Someday I will grow old with the love of my life
Someday I will be able to help anybody I want to
     Someday I will be able to meet god for the first time and see everything and everybody I have been waiting for

I am looking out the window of life and I see…
I hear my husband saying “I love you”
I feel my dogs tongue against my face
I hear my baby crying for me
I see my daughter with her grandma baking cookies
I see my son playing with grandpa and his trains
I feel god’s hand on me guiding my life
I feel all the love I have in my life while I am looking out the window of life

We did two poems and I kind of like doing poems now I like to see what it turns out in the end. We also created a kind of rough draft for our picture collage and I still need to collect some photos but it was really fun doing our rough draft. I also hope that there will be bigger canvas's in the price range at Michaels because when I go home and collect everything else I pretty sure I'm going to need more room if I am going to put everything on there, but if we can't find a bigger one I will be alright with the size we have right now and could probably figure something out so I could fit all my stuff on that size. I had a lot of fun today I can't wait to come back Monday!

Day 5
Morning thoughts
Today I am thinking a lot about my collaging and I can't wait to get started. I have collected a lot more stuff so I need to edit my rough draft some but I really can't wait to get started on the real canvas!
Today was AWESOME I loved working on my collage. I couldn't wait to work on it this morning and now I can't wait to work on it tomorrow. I hope we do this Wednesday too. I am only going to do 1 canvas and I am going to put my leftover stuff on the back. After this class I know I am going to be making a lot of picture collages. My canvas has a polka dot design and around the canvas are jewels and pom poms. I also started on my baby carriage design I am almost finished with adding the beads and I finished the picture on it but I have not put anything on my canvas yet I want to make sure it dries real good. I still have a lot of stuff today but I know I am going to finish it. Today was awesome. I can't wait to come back tomorrow!

Day 6
Morning thoughts
I had a lot more stuff and I couldn't fit it all on the front of the canvas so I decided the sports that I used to do will go on the back of the canvas.

Today was awesome once again I have gotten a lot done. I still need to get the rest of the beads and crafty stuff like that still on the front. My goal is to finish that tomorrow and try to start on the back. I hope I finish by Thursday.

Day 7
Morning thoughts
Basically I just can't wait to start working on my canvas. I want to finish all my decorations around my picture.

This I Believe
What? - I am going to present my photo collage
When? – Tomorrow (6/30) at 11:30
Where? – C-13 (computer lab) J.E.J Moore


Today was good I basically finished my canvas tomorrow I might add a few more touches to it tomorrow and tomorrow I will work on my writing for my canvas. 
Last day
Morning thoughts
I am basically finished with my collage I am just going to look over it and see if I want to add anymore. Today I also have to write my presentation. My grandma and grandpa might be coming but I am not sure.
This I Believe

Photo collage

This is my photo collage. I tried to put all the values that are important to me in my photo collage like creativity, dedication, patience, hope and responsibility. To me all my important values make up love and I think love was the value that stood out the most on my collage. On the front of my canvas I put softball and basketball stuff to show my love for these sports and my dedication. I put pictures of some of my dogs I have right now and used to have because I love them even if they are gone. I have a picture of me as a hyena in one of my school plays because I love to act and sing. I have a baby carriage because I am going to have a little brother soon and I also put one of the ultrasound pictures of him on the carriage. I put a picture of me graduating preschool to show dedication and I also put my science fair medal on there to show dedication. On the back of my canvas I have some soccer pictures. I didn’t want to put them on the front because I don’t play soccer anymore but I still want to remember me playing it. I also have swim pictures and ribbons I have won from swimming because I put them on the back for the same reason I put my soccer pictures on the back. Last on the back I have some pictures of me and my family members I wanted them to be on the front but there was no room so I put the pictures on the back. Also I added a little picture frame around every picture to show creativity. That is my photo collage.
Last Day
I thought this class was really fun it is now one of my top favorite classes. I am a little sad to leave. But it was really fun. Thank you Mrs. White

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