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This I Believe...Hayley

This I Believe...Hayley
Day 1
The words that describe me are...
  • Honesty
  • Love
  • Respect
  • Knowledge
  • Creativity
  • Success
  • Confidence
  • Reliability
  • Patience
  • Responsibility
  • Hope
         I am going to show my beliefs by making a collage...
     I am the type of person that loves art.  I think making a collage will truly express my love for art and show my beliefs more clearly to many people.  My collage is going to express many words and show what they mean.  My collage is going to have pictures, words, and a lot of color.  I have done many collages before so I think I am ready to take on an amazing art project and succeed.  I can't wait to show my beliefs and my passion all in one.
    My reflection.....
     I think that today was amazing.  I really enjoyed the creativity part of today.  I loved making the book and adding a little bit of art to it.  I am really glad I signed up for this class.  Just from today I know that I am going to go home and have a lot more knowledge about creativity.  I am definitely going to come back and finish this great experience.
Day 2 

https://blog.helpingadvisors.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Women-investors-confidence.jpgHayley’s Value Report Card

1. Confidence
Narrative why?  I would give me an A because everything I try I don’t just give up on.  I always strive to become better at everything.  I swim, dance, play soccer, and play field hockey.  All of these sports are very important to me.  When I am on the field or on the stage I always believe in myself that I can do it.
2. Success
Narrative why?  I would give me a B because I am still working on it.  Success is not winning it is achieving.  I have had some success lately but not a lot to bring me to an A.  I always hope to have success during anything that I am trying or anything that I have done before.  I am going to continually work on my success throughout my life and I hope someday my success grade will go up to an A.
3. Reliability

Narrative why?  I would give me an A on this because I do have a lot of family and friends.  My family always rely on me to do things around the house.  They also rely on me to be there to make many happy and sad moments together.  My friends always rely on me to take some weight off of their shoulders.  Just because I rate myself as an A doesn’t mean that I am going to stop being reliable throughout my life.   

Hayley’s Credo Poem

I believe in the confidence that people have in themselves                                                               
The courage people have to bring to make the world a better place
The love that comforts all
The strength people have to help them get through tough times
The hope people have for others to lift them up again
Believe, Achieve, Succeed

But I don’t believe in the way some people are judged poorly
 I believe in treating others the way they should be treated
I believe in helping family and friends to make them stronger
I believe in hard work that causes an impact on people
Dedication, Strength, Reliability
And I believe in the forgiveness that shines over people from now until forever
My reflection for day 2...
Day 2 has been so amazing!  I loved creating my value report card.  I loved learning some info on poetry.  I loved creating the poem.  It really has helped me understand more about poetry.  The Tagxedo Creator was so amazing!  I had so much fun creating my elephant.  I loved doing the creativity part of today.  As I said on day 1, I am definitely going to come back and finish this experience.

Day 3

We made art out of chalk, which was really fun!

Here are few that really stood out to me...



I am...
I am a very creative person

Hope, Faith, Dreams

I love the beautiful flowers that have grown into this lovely world.

Honesty is important to me.

Love is important to me.

Confidence is important to me.

Selfishness is not good, but it can help you through some tough times.

The world is becoming less defensive as the days and nights go by.

The beautiful plants and wildlife are getting stronger as the long sunny days go by.

The world will soon be built back up again with the help of our people.

This is me.

Day 3 reflection...
Day 3 was also amazing!  It has been my favorite summer 
enrichment class ever!  I loved the chalk art!  I thought it was
very neat to be able to write our little saying on the
sidewalk so a lot of people could see how we feel.  Our
teacher's collage was amazing!  She is a true artist!  She is so
creative and fun!  I loved writing the I am... poem.  I thought
 that I really did express more of my beliefs.  The girl that
 won the essay definitely deserved it!  Her essay was
 awesome!  I love listening to all the different types of music
 in class.  I can't wait to start my collage.  I am definitely
going to complete this experience.
What do I need to bring in for collage...
  • More creations I have already created 
  • Jewels or glitter
  • Printed pictures of Artist
  • glue and scissors
  • hot glue gun sticks 

Day 4


Someday, I want to travel to London

Someday, I will go to the Olympics for swimming

Someday, I’ll finish that book I started in third grade

Someday, I’ll become an amazing dancer

Someday, I’ll become an artist

Someday, I’ll be able to sing like an angel

Someday, I’ll be able to buy a million golden retrievers

Someday, I’ll be the greatest field hockey player ever

Someday, I’ll go to Hawaii

Someday, I’ll have a lot more hope in myself

Someday, I will finally get 30 sec. in backstroke
Someday, my little beagle will come back to the house
Someday, I will see my favorite dog again


    I am looking out the window of life and I see Love
 I hear my dog barking “I love you”
 I see many people holding on to their loved ones         
I feel my heart pounding as love flows through                  veins                                            


my taste buds are bursting with the sweet taste of chocolate

I smell the roses that have grown so lovely outside in the garden
“Forever is a long time; but I wouldn’t mind spending it side by side”

 Day 4 reaction
We did so much fun stuff today!  We made a someday poem today, which was pretty cool.  We also did a window life poem which was cool too.  And that coming from me, means a lot because I don't really like a lot of poetry.  We got to plan out our collages which was fun too.  Which did help me know what else I need to bring in for MONDAY!  I had so much fun today can't wait for Monday.  Making this collage is going to be awesome!   

Day 5
Morning Thoughts...
This morning I am thinking a lot of stuff.  First I am thinking about creating my collage.  Creating my collage is going to be a lot of work but I know when I am done, the work is going to pay off.  I hope that my collage turns out the way I would like it too!  Another thought that I have is... do I have the supplies I need to create this collage.  I am thinking about what I have collected so far... glitter, paints, stickers, stencils, and a lot of more creativity things.  I also am thinking about painting my canvas first. 

Day 5
Day 5 has been awesome!  All we did today was our morning thoughts and started creating our creations.  We worked on our collages, which was very fun.
 What I did today...
painted my canvas mint green                                                       added some of my creations from the past                                                                                                             I added some artist paintings                                                        added sand                                                                                      added the word swim                                                                    added a page that said love
  I really did think today was very productive!  I still have a lot of work to do but I still need to think about some things.
I need to think about the back of my canvas. 
I might even think about getting another canvas!
 Day 6

My morning thoughts...
I really don't have any morning thoughts.  Just the fact that I have a lot of work to do.  I am going to accomplish this collage and it is going to look great!
Day 6 reflection...

We did our morning thoughts and we worked on our collages.  My collage looks great but I still have some stuff to put on it.  I have one more day to complete it!  All I did today was add items to it!  I have to think about writing something to describe the front of my collage.  I think today was a great work day because I finally finished the front of my canvas and I am going to work on the back for the next two days.  I added a lot of stuff to my collage and I painted more.  I cant wait to see my finished product!
What I am going to do for the back of collage...
  • poems
  • pictures
  • maybe a pocket for all papers 

Morning thoughts...

Not much too say, just the fact that I am not done with my collage yet.  I am thinking about my paragraph presentation and the back of my collage.


Today has been a great day!  I am pretty much done with my collage.  All I have to do is add more diamonds to the back and type my presentation.  I can't wait to finish my collage completely.

Day 8
I am thinking about any more details I need and my presentation.


Welcome parents and grandparents.  Today I am going to be showing you my collage and explaining what’s on it.  So let’s start with my beliefs.  The beliefs that mostly stood out to me were love, enthusiasm, success, knowledge and definitely creativity.  Creativity was my biggest belief.  I started out not knowing what we were going to do.  But I knew that this was the class for me because I love art.  My collage that I have made will be a memory for ever.  To show love I have felt heart stickers, a card that has the word love, my favorite page from the book “Isabelle the Ice Dance Fairy,” and the blue colored paper that has love art on it.  To show enthusiasm I have swim stuff like a heat winner duck, some sticker ribbons, and a saying that says “Go Team!”  To show knowledge I have some paintings by the artist that I like to learn more from.  My collage shows creativity all over it.  Everything that I constructed or painted was creativity.  I didn’t know that my collage was going to turn out that amazing!  I will continue making collages and becoming a better artist.     

Final thoughts...
This experience has been terrific!  I really love all the creativity that all of us has showed over the past 8 days.  I am looking forward to starting my own collage at home and believing in every thing that I do!


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