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This I Believe...Kailey


 This I Believe... Kailey   
        Day 1-
  • Hope
  • Love
  • Confidence
  • Leadership
  • Honesty
  • Success
  • Creativity
  • Self-Control
  • Responsibility
                    My Values 
I am thinking of doing a collage or an essay but I am not sure of what I want to do yet.  I love writing but making a collage sounds really fun and a different challenge to take on.  I know I will figure something out, so I'm not worried about having a problem with choosing. 
I think today was a very good day.  I like the class so far and will be coming back tomorrow.  Today I feel that we thought a little deeper about our values, and kind of what makes us, us.  I had fun for the class today and hope for more tomorrow. 
Day 2-            
            Kailey’s Values Report Card


Hope                                                      A

Narrative: Why? Because I have hope for better things in the future always, no matter what. I have had hope throughout my entire life. Also I know that if everybody had hope then we could have a better, and safer world in our future. So I feel I don’t need to work on having hope.

Love                                                        B

Narrative: Why? I do value love very much, but I need to work on it some more. I don’t always feel loved, and sometimes I think I might not make somebody else feel loved. This isn’t something that I do all the time, but I have done it at least in my opinion. 


My Credo Poem

I believe in the miracles of our American Leaders,

the truth that lies in all people’s minds,

the love that all families share,

the confidence that hides inside most,

the result of progressing, working hard, trying your best, and being the best you can be. 

But the idea that the color of your skin and how you look defines your character is indescribable. 

I believe in the respect of our elders,

I believe in the hope that world peace will come,

I believe in being courageous, caring, responsible, trustworthy. 

And I believe in it’s not what’s on the outside that matters, it what’s on the inside. 
Reaction to day 2-
I had an amazing day today!! We worked on our blog made a credo poem, and had a lot of fun!  I am doing an essay for my creation to express what I value.  Everything went smoothly today also.  I can't wait for tomorrow! 
Day 3-

                            All of these words revolve around HOPE. 

                                            This I Believe...



I thought this one was so good! :)



My I Am Poem
I am

             Caring, Hopeful, Enthusiastic    

I care about being there for others, and having each other’s backs.

Creativity is important to me.

Music is important to me.

Love is very important to me.

Success is a wonderful thing.

Publicity is bad, but can also be good to inform people about important news.

People don’t realize how much they actually have.

We can rise by lifting others.

This is me.

Reaction to day 3-
I had an awesome day today!! We went outside and did the
"This I Believe..." chalk activity, made a poem about who I am, and I made a different Word Art. I got a few ideas about what to do for my essay. But I'm still not completely sure yet.  I loved today and will definitely be coming back tomorrow!:)
Day 4-



Someday I will graduate from school and college.
Someday I will go to college and get a degree.
Someday I will meet my true love.
Someday I will start a family and buy a house.
Someday I will become an author of a series of books.
Someday my talent for singing and acting will be found by someone that is not my teacher.
Someday I will be a parent, and then a grandparent.
Someday I will be very well known.
Someday I will fall asleep peacefully, never to wake up.
  Looking Out the Window…
I look out the window of life in fall, and see confidence.
I smell it brewing in my brain.
Telling me that I will be successful, and will achieve goals.
I feel it coming in with the sun.
I see it giving me a bright future.
I taste it in my breakfast, before I leave to become more knowledgeable of the world around me.
I look out of the window of life in spring, and see love. 
I hear it in the cries he loudly does.
I feel it in my trembling fingers as I touch his smooth, soft skin.
I smell it in his small crib.
I see it in his small bright eyes.
I look out of the window of life in summer, and see hope.
I feel it coming into my heart, and sinking into my mind.
I watch as it swirls around me telling me it will be ok.
I smell it in the untouched food that lies on the tray.
I taste it in my drink as I watch him helpless in the bed.
I hear it in the low deep voice that speaks to me.
The one that tells me I have to keep my hope, or it will be too late.
I look out of the window of life, and I see me. 
Pre-write of essay
·       Beginning sentence- “Hold on pain ends.”
·       Second sentence- This is hope.
·       3rd sentence- About a year ago in summer my life was changed forever.
·       4th sentence- And I needed to have hope.  (merge with sentence 3)
·       5th sentence- My grandpa had fallen in the house yet again.
·       6th sentence- He had fallen before many different times, but was always okay and recovered.
·       7th sentence- When he fell he would go to the Richmond VA Medical Center.
·        8th sentence- But, one day the Medical Center was too crowded and he couldn’t be taken care of there.
·       9th sentence- So instead he got transported to Chippenham Hospital. 
·       10th sentence- Then suddenly he was diagnosed with lung cancer.
·       Next paragraph-
·       1st sentence- My grandpa had gotten diabetes a while ago, and had smoked since a very young age, and that is one reason why I am absolutely against smoking.
·       2nd sentence- The only possible treatment for his cancer was chemo therapy, but he wouldn’t be able to be treated fast enough. 
·       3rd sentence- So, they decided to keep him in the hospital for a few weeks and run tests.
·       4th sentence- He was placed in the ICU unit where it would be the last time I saw him.
·        5th sentence-The doctor and my grandma decided to increase the amount of sugar he got so that his diabetes would kick in and he could go to rest, and to not awake.
·        6th sentence- I didn’t go in to see him when it was my last chance.
·       7th sentence- I couldn’t go back in his room in the ICU.
·       8th sentence- I just couldn’t do it.
·       9th sentence- I believe in hope, because “hope never dies.”
·       This, I truly believe.
Reaction to day 4-
I had a great day today!  We worked on a lot of poems  which I thought was really fun!  We worked a lot on our blogs too.  I am figuring out a pre write of my essay. I pretty much took the structure of an essay and broke it down into separate sentences.  I can't wait for day 5!!! 
Day 5-             

Reaction to day 5-
I had a very productive work day.  My essay is coming
together very quickly surprisingly.  I have to say a 
BIG thank you to Mrs. White for helping me with
revising and editing my essay.  She has been 
helping me make it a lot more meaningful, and giving
me pointers.  I am very glad she was here to help me.
I hope for another great work day tomorrow!! :) :) 

Day 6-                
               Working on the final project!

Mrs. White's example collage

Also Mrs. White's collage example
Morning thoughts:  I want to work on getting most editing done today so I can focus on getting the revising done for my essay. I feel that it shouldn't take too long to do the revising part of the essay.
Reaction to day 6-
I had a good work day, and I feel like I am actually thinking deeper about what I really thought during the event that sets my essay.  I have been loving this class and can't wait to present it to our class.  And again a BIG thank you to Mrs. White for helping me edit my essay.  I will definitely be back tomorrow!!!:)

Day 7-

Morning thoughts: I want to work on getting all editing done today and make sure I make changes to certain content in my essay.  I hope to also have all revising done today, and if possible I would like to practice my essay for presenting. 


This I Believe…


Come see your child/children present their final project for “This I Believe”!


We have been working very hard these last two weeks to get our final projects finished.  There will be essays, collages and even exciting poems to hear!  The presenting will take place on Thursday June 30, 2016. 

Please come and support your child for this big last day of summer enrichment.  Presentations will take place in Computer Lab C13.
This I Believe
   "Hold on tight…pain ends.”  How does this happen?  It is through hope.  Last summer about a year ago my life was changed forever, and I needed hope.  My grandpa was a kind of a “quiet-keep-to-himself man.”  I was pretty close to him.  When I say close I mean we would play Tic-Tac-Toe on the back porch, and throw a ball at the wall, and laugh when it hit the table and watch as it bounced all over the place. We would talk about what had been going on in school, and we would sit across from each other reading the newspaper.  I would read the comics, and he would do the daily Sudoku puzzle.  We would watch Tom and Jerry together too.  All these things were our kind of fun…joking around, playing games, “reading” the newspaper, or just enjoying each other’s company.  Then, suddenly all that changed. 
My grandpa had fallen in his house yet again.  Grandpa had been falling out of bed a lot lately and tripping.  Of all the doctors in the world, his couldn’t figure out why he was falling.  He would hit his arm, head, and his legs mostly.  But he also fractured his ribs once.  Each fall “invited” a visit to the Veterans Clinic in Richmond, Virginia.  Thankfully all his previous falls were “fixable” ones, and he was always okay and recovered.  That was until this most recent one.
Previously when he fell, was sick or needed a checkup he would go to the Richmond Veteran’s Medical Center with my grandma.  On the day that he had fallen again, the Medical Center was too full, and he couldn’t be taken care of there.  So instead, he was transported to Chippenham Hospital. Then after he arrived at the hospital, he was suddenly diagnosed with lung cancer.  From not knowing what was causing his falls to a cancer diagnosis was a shock to our entire family.
 As I said before his doctors at the Veterans Clinic couldn’t figure out why he was falling.  They did many tests but never ever even saw that he had a tumor on his arm.  For whatever reason, the doctors at the Veteran’s Clinic thought the blemish on his arm was just a mole.  But sometimes a mole is not what it appears to be.   
My grandpa was diagnosed with diabetes years ago, and right or wrong had smoked since he was a teenager.  (Which is one reason that I am absolutely against smoking.)  Let’s be realistic he was seventy-three years and had a lot of health problems that come with old age.  The only possible treatment for his cancer was chemotherapy, but he wouldn’t be able to be treated fast enough, and it would take a toll on his health.  The doctors had to weigh the health risks versus the benefits.  What they decided was to keep him in the hospital for a few weeks and run some tests even though he wasn’t going to be treated for his cancer.  He didn’t get better in fact about a week or two later he was placed in the ICU unit.  His transfer to the ICU unit brought the whole family to the hospital for a visit.  Little did I know that this would be the last time I would see him. 
Life doesn’t stand still. It was the summer we had planned a day trip, so we decided to stick to the plan.  We were on our way to “Safari in Virginia” in Natural Bridge in the Shenandoah Valley for the day when my dad received the call informing him that my grandpa’s sugar levels had risen to the point that his heart could not function properly.  In other words, he was dying.  Instead of “fixing” this new problem my grandma and the doctors decided to let things run their natural course. We all accepted that he wasn’t getting any better.

After my parents received the call I had to make a decision: either go to the hospital with my parents or go with my other grandparents who were going to keep my baby brother.  I had a few minutes to decide, and I chose to stay with my grandparents. I didn’t go in to see my grandpa when it was my last chance because I just couldn’t go into his room again, and it hurt me seeing him helpless in his hospital bed.  I never really got to tell him goodbye and say that I loved him, and that I would miss him so very much, and that I would remember him always.  But worst of all, I never got to give him a final hug. Looking back I think my decision was bittersweet, I never got to say goodbye, but I think if I had gone back into his hospital room I would have completely broken down.  I do regret not going with my parents, but I also don’t regret it. 
What does all this have to do with HOPE?  Throughout the entire family crisis I had hope that a miracle would happen, and one day Grandpa would get better.  That never happened, but I learned to have hope even when it seems the world is telling you, “Forget it, lose all your hope for a brighter future, miracles aren’t real, they only happen in your dreams.”  Since my grandfather’s diagnosis and death, I hear never refuse to lose hope no matter what the case, or challenge.  Even though I didn’t always receive what I hoped for, I realize that you shouldn’t lose hope because it seems unlikely for a solution to the problem.  Sometimes hope really does make an impact.  It has for many people all over the world.  I was only ten when this happened, and my “take away” is that I learned always to have hope in anything and everything.  I believe in hope because “hope never dies.”  This I truly believe.                                          

                                         This is my essay for "This I Believe"
    Sam has an awesome collage! I love it!
Reaction to day 7-
I had a great day!  My essay is finished and all of my changes have been made!  I am definitely submitting it to the This I Believe project!   I can't wait to present my essay tomorrow too!:)  I have had an amazing time with this class.  Can't wait for tomorrow!!!

Day 8-

Morning thoughts: I cannot believe that This I Believe is almost over!! I am very excited to present, and I need to practice presenting it. 

Final Day Thoughts: I can't believe This I Believe is over!! I had an amazing two weeks, and will miss this class so much!!:(  I have to admit that at first I didn't like the class, until we hit day 3.  It hadn't been what I expected, but after a few days it was more than I expected!!:):)  I loved this class, and if I could, I would do it again!




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