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This I Believe...LISA

This I Believe...LISA
Day 1-
  1. Love
  2. Respect
  3. Honesty
  4. Self-Control
  5. Patience
!How To Share!
  1. Poem
  1. Essay  
                                   End of the day thoughts
 Today was....good. Were making this blog and that's cool but, I don't really like it. Sorry! Ms.Hancock said this would be about poetry, it's not. Not really sure whether I like this or not. I only wanted to do this cause it was supposed to be about poetry. HOPEFULLY, it gets better!

Day 2-
Lisa’s value report card
Love:                                                                                        A-
Narrative: Why? Because I show it the best I can but, I could show it a little better

Patience:                                                                                C
Image result for finding dory memesNarrative: Why? Because for some things I can be very patient but if I’m worked up or mad…….STAY OUT OF MY WAY!!!!

Self-Control:                                                                          B
Narrative: Why? Because I can usually keep what I’m thinking in, I try not to speak my mind. (Most of the time)
End of the day thoughts
Today was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better. Mrs. White brought me this poetry book. Awesome!! I got to put this amazing Finding Dory trailer in, you should watch it!! I liked making this poem, sorry but I cant have someone tell me how to write it, I just need a topic and some peace and quiet. Please read my poem! P.S. Mrs. White can we make more poems tomorrow? 

I believe…

By: Lisa


I believe in growing up
And making it through life’s hiccup

I believe in going to college

In turning the page

In gaining some age


I believe in falling in love
In the beautiful white dove


I believe in getting married

Making it last, then getting buried


 Day 3-

More Videos!!! Watch them!


Who am I?


Who am I?

I thought I knew

I am me

That is true

But, that is it

That’s all I know

Who am I?
End of the day thoughts
Today was ok. I thought the side walk chalk would be a lot more fun. I don't want to do it again. sorry! I liked writing the poem, I would like to do a broader topic and more than one poem a day. Today was for the most part cool. please don't make me say any of my poems out loud!
Cool Drawings
Image result for drawings

Day 4-
Beginning of the day:
story about ur kids, heard u say smurf so......
Image result for smurfsImage result for smurfs 

Image result for smurfs

Image result for smurfs

Image result for smurfs




Someday I’ll graduate

Someday I’ll go to law school

Someday I’ll graduate, again

Someday I’ll get a job

Someday I’ll move out

Someday I’ll fall in love

Someday I’ll get married

Someday I’ll be a mom

Someday I’ll drop them off for the first day of school

Someday I’ll pick them up for the last

Someday I’ll have grandchildren

Someday I’ll be old

And someday, I’ll be gone

Someday …

Image result for harvard
Image result for graduating

Image result for law office

Image result for first day of school

Image result for grandma with grand kids

For Jordan

Window of life…
Cool and crisp
Dark and mysterious
The window of life
It is hard to tell what is waiting
Especially when it’s debating


End of the day thoughts
Today was kinda a bummer. the chalk was     gone:( I did not like the whole window of life thing it totally stumped me. I wanted to scream. I almost did. Oh... one more thing no offense or anything but I cant think when you play that type of music. maybe something louder and more pop, like it doesn't have to be pop but I mean like pazaz.
Day 5-
Morning thoughts
Honestly I cant really think right now. I'm just gonna read over the poems I have and see which ones I can put in my book. 
  I have one music recommendation: Panic! at the Disco

I was looking at images for an idea on a poem and I thought this was to funny not to share. So....
 I think their doing Karate.
                                                Not sure which one is more adorable
 I think their trying to dance


wonder what their arguing about
   when the parents come in, IF I share it'll be my someday poem
 another movie

end of the day thoughts

Today was fun. Great music! We had total free roam, and I really enjoyed that. I think I got a lot done.

Day 6-


morning thoughts

Honestly? Today feels like a Monday, so... I got nothing.

End of the day thoughts

Today started off good. I got a lot done. After we came back from the break, everything went downhill. Mrs. White doesn't know who 5SOS is and doesn't really know that much about One Direction. I'm ok with her not knowing 1D, but not knowing 5SOS. Let's just say I cant be her friend for that. I'm not sure we can be in the same room anymore.....

Just because me and Jordan agreed it was funny.

Day 7-
morning thoughts
I don't really want to share when the parents come in, but I will make the invitation for my parents. I am hopeful that Mrs. White did her studying on 5SOS. Because I'm going to need her help getting the poetry book set up. I just don't want things to be awkward....

end of the day thoughts
Today I got a lot done. I got all of my poems typed up and all that is left is the cover. then I'll give it to Mrs. White to do what she needs to do. Tomorrow I think I'm gonna present the someday poem. That's it. That is all I will share!

Day 8-
morning thoughts
Today is probably going to stink. I don't really want to present, but I guess I have to. It's the last day! Sleep, I welcome you.....

end of the day thoughts

good. good. I have to finish. bye. not going to be able to finish. STUPID FIRE DRILL!!!!


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