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This I Believe...Rileyanne

This I Believe...Rileyanne
How I want to represent:

To represent This I Believe project I am going to do a collage.  Which will be on a canvas with quotes and images and more words. 

My reaction to Day 1
  • I learned my values
  • I now know how to make a little book
  • I know that there is many different ways to create an art project
  • It is fun doing a blog 

Rileyanne Value Report Card
Day 2
Creativity                                                     A

Why: This is a high grade because I love to do art and I am always thinking of new ideas.  I love creating just from the simple thing like buttons and stickers

Confidence                                                   B

Why: I would give myself this grade because I do have confidence just not enough.  Like whenever I think something is going to go wrong.  I just need to have confidence.

Enthusiasm                                                    A

https://theglittermonster.files.wordpress.com/2015/06/creative-ppl-color-1.jpgWhy: I am always happy and get enthusiastic over the simple things.  I always am there for my friends when they are down because I know that I can make them laugh or smile.

Rileyanne’s Credo poem
I believe in the honesty of everyone
the leading of being a leader
the hope that has made me who I am
the heart that is filled with love
the trophy of success
Confidence, enthusiasm, knowledge
But the belief I don’t believe in is fighting we just have to compromise
I believe in freedom because free to strive to higher levels
I believe in dedication put into everything
I believe respect for all
Passion, faith, skilled
And I believe in that even if you don’t like your work you can always make it better with a simple splash of paint


Reaction To Day 2:
  • I liked to add stuff to the blog
  • I like going on to the tab Tagxedo
  • I liked doing the poem
  • I learned a lot from this class today
  • This class is awesome!!!! I cant wait to start on the big project!!!!!!!
Day 3
Chalk Art!
I am...
I am enthusiastic, caring

I wonder if there is an end to a rainbow

I hear a waterfall

I see what nature has to bring

I want to the be best at anything I do

I am enthusiastic, caring



I pretend to like math

I feel happy about petting my yorkie

I touch the paint brush to create something magnificent

I worry about what the world will be like

I cry when I think of animals having to get put down

I am enthusiastic, caring


I understand how to clean my room

I say that telling the truth is the best way to go when dealing with your parents

I dream that one day I will be the best artist in the world I just have to work hard to achieve

I try to write neatly

I hope I can keep working on my art and will be in art show one day

I am enthusiastic, caring
Ideas for the big project:
  • Pictures to represent the beliefs
  • paint for background

Reaction Day 3
  • I loved doing the chalk art!
  • I liked the I am poem because that told me who I am and what I really liked to do
  • I did more of the tagexdo love those
  • I cant for more excitement!

Day 4


Someday I will like to go to Antarctica
Someday I will be professional soccer player
Someday I will live in a mansion
Someday I will create something that is mind blowing
Someday I will have confidence to guide me threw the homework and presentations
Someday I will be reliable and get my own job
Someday I will have my family by my side when I’m off too collage

Someday I will have my own fairytale
Someday I will make a difference in the world and let the world know who I am


One window in the summer is all need to see creativity
It looks like the world put together
It smells like the beach with waves that crash down
It taste like cheesecake getting baked
It hears like cars and trains going up and down the road and on the railroad tracks
It feels like playdo in your hands creating something amazing
Life is about creating yourself
It feels like crazy how one window in the summer helped me see my creativity
Reaction to Day 4:
  • I liked organizing my paper canvas to know where to put my stuff
  • I liked being able to print my pictures so I can get them colored
  • I liked adding stuff to my blog of course
  • I liked the getting quotes and pictures to my blog

Day 5
I think the beginning of the Day will be the planning process of the big project.  Then at the end of the day we will start creating something amazing.  I think that this day will be messy.  I am going to try to find more pictures.
Reaction to Day 5:
I loved that we got a chance to plan and then start the final I cant wait for tom.  I got done my pictures which I had to color and cut them and I also am going to have to get more pictures. I got my canvas painted purple.  I think that I am going to stick to just one canvas.  I will probably still gather more thing sat home along the way.  It was different today because we didn't do poems we just went straight to the final.
Day 6 

Morning thoughts:
I just want to get right to work.

Reaction to Day 6:
We got to work on our collage all day and I got stuff done.

End of day thoughts:
Today I liked how we went straight to creating.  I thought that I got a lot done and I cant wait for tomorrow because I am going to try to finish the front For the back I am going to put the I believe in poem   to my back or keep creating on the front.  The back I think will be the easiest.  I loved enjoying my days in this I believe.


Day 7
Morning Reactions:
I think that I want to get the front done and get a few things on the back.  I want to get my write up down today.
write up about collage:

This I Believe

It has been 8 days and I have been working on creating something magnificent a collage.  This collage show my beliefs.  My biggest belief is love.  I love to play field hockey, soccer, and dance and swim.  I love my family and my pets. I love the Virginia Cavaliers so I have my first ticket to a Virginia Cavaliers game.  I have quotes about art.  Threw this whole process I have learned that if you mess up there is always a way to make it better.  My whole collage is my belief which is creativity.  I loved doing This I Believe.


    Reaction to Day 7:
    :I loved that we went straight to work.  I got a lot done.  I got the front done.  Tommorow I am going to do my back with pictures and lots of glitter.  I cant wait until the finished project.  I will fininsh my write up tom.

    Morning thoughts:
    I am hoping to get my whole project done today. 
    Final thoughts
Reaction to the last Day 8:
I got my front of my canvas done but I didn't get to get finish the back I got one side done and not the other I am going to but pictures on the other side I loved doing the collage it was so fun and artsy.  I would definitely rate this has a 10.





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