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Sunday, July 14, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge: Day 7

Day 7:  Talk about your blogging quirks.

Well, I hadn't really thought of them as quirks, but I guess they are quirky habits I've established over my year of blogging.  I save lots of what I call "Possible Future Posts" in the draft folder of my blogging template.  To give you an idea, I have 700 drafts in my folder right now.  In comparison, I have only 330 published posts (remember I've only been blogging for a year).  Now these might be simply a quick fragment of an idea or an article that I found, which will ultimately lead to a germ for a future posts or they might be partially written posts.

Recently, I've developed another habit of making sure I have scheduled at least five posts to automatically post over the upcoming five days.  Right now, I have seven scheduled to post, which is great because next week I am very busy as a helper/teacher with VBS plus all my children's other summer activities.  This is also a really good quirk to have established because we will be going on vacation in a few weeks, and I don't have access to the Internet during that time.  In connection with this quirk is another little thing about these five or so posts-of these posts-I like to have at least one or two reviews in the mix.

I never write on paper first.  I always type my posts.  I don't care if it is in Word or in the template of the blogging post, I type.  I learned early on that I am a far better writer when I type.  In relation to the actual writing, if I am typing a review, I like to have the image of the book posted first then I write the written word that goes along with the post. 

During the day, I check my blog, at various and sundry times, to see where folks are visiting my blog from and what material they are viewing.  This helps me plan content for my blog as I begin writing those scheduled posts.  
One of my blogging goals for the year is to develop more blogging friendships, so I have seen another quirk develop, and that is to make sure to [TRY] and reply to any comments I receive on my blog, and to try to leave comments on blogs I visit.  This is sometimes harder than you'd think it would be because of the time this takes.

My last thoughts on the subject of blogging quirks are in relation to returning to a post.  I will often go back to posts and edit or add information if I think it should be modified.  Especially, now, with the five day ahead scheduling system, I can let a post sit a few days and then read over it with "fresh eyes" to catch basic grammar mistakes or even add a thing or two to the post. 

Well. these are my blogging quirks or preferences, I'm sure I'll be coming back to add a few that I think of later, but in the mean time, what are your blogging quirks?

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  1. I like to return comments too, but it isn't always possible. I usually just hit preview and read my post to catch a mistake. It's amazing at how often I'll find a typo.

  2. I never seem to be able to get ahead like that, I am impressed!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  3. We're like the exact opposite with our blogging habits! I really need to start scheduling posts. I saw your Nano sticker from last year and it was hell to keep up with both Nano and the blog. It would be so nice if I could have a month scheduled and just focus on Nano this year...so yeah, that's my goal.



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