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Saturday, November 10, 2012

How to Make a Child a Reader

Brain Pickings | Literature - Part 4

Agree or disagree, but here is what James Patterson, the author of the YA Maximum Ride Series, has to say about How to Make Your Child a Fanatic Reader,
"Sorry, moms and dads, but it's your job -- not the schools' -- to find books to get your kids reading and to make sure they read them." 
This is a subject that is near and dear to our hearts, here at The Things You Can Read.  As a teacher and parent, we want all "our children" to be readers.  Over at Nerdy Book Club there is an excellent post by Julie Falatko, who is a mother, blogger, and reviewer of children's books, on this very subject.  Take a peek.    What are your thoughts on this subject?  Let us know!  We will close with another quote from James Patterson, the prolific author, who has this additional comment on the subject:

"Here's a simple but powerful truth that many parents and schools don't act on: The more kids read, the better readers they become."

Make time to read to or with your child this weekend!

Where to find books your kids will gobble up?

DropEverythingandRead.com-has a "Favorite D.E.A.R. Books" tab on its home page.
Also, don't forget your local libraries and bookstores

Final Tip:  According to Patterson, "Kids and parents should visit Scholastic and other book fairs. Free or low-cost books for schools are available (while supplies last) at ReadKiddoRead.com, FirstBook.org, and ReadertoReader.org."

Happy Reading!
The Things You Can Read
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  1. It's so true that it is our responsibility to instill the love of reading into our children. Books and reading are such an important and enriching addition to a child's life. It is my hope that parents everywhere seek out the best books and read them to their kids. Books for Kids

  2. I think I'm a reader because my mom personally introduced me to the library and helped me pick out books. But I've also seen that some people aren't readers because they never learned to read well. They can read fine out loud but they don't visualize as they read. People who lack that particular skill don't like to read. So I'm not sure having books read to you will fix that particular problem. What do you think?


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