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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Review: Vintage: A Novel by Susan Gloss

Review: Vintage: A Novel by Susan Gloss

Title:  Vintage: A Novel
Author:   Susan Gloss

Genre:  Contemporary Fiction
Themes:  Relationships, Identity, Divorce, Motherhood, Loss, Infidelity, Friendship, Love
Setting:  Madison, Wisconsin
Point of View:  3rd Person

Publisher/Publication Date:  Expected publication: March 25th 2014 by William Morrow & Company

Source:  Edelweiss
Rating:  Four of Five Stars
Finished/Not Finished:  Finished

First Line:  "Beneath the Ash Trees on Johnson Street just east of campus, Hourglass Vintage stood in a weathered brick building, wedged between a fair-trade coffee shop and a bike-repair business." Vintage by Susan Gloss

One-sentence summary:  A Midwestern vintage clothing store is the cornerstone for the transformation of several women's lives.

Cover Art:  I like the red border, however, in my opinion, the dress displayed in the shop window does not have a vintage feel.

Try Vintage: A Novel if you liked The Friday Night Knitting Club  by Kate Jacobs or if you are a fan of chick-lit in the vein of Jennifer Weiner's body of work.

Buy, Borrow, Listen, or Avoid:  Buy, Borrow, or Listen if you are looking for a refreshing read, which deals with the types of themes previously mentioned.

Why did I get this book?:  I liked the summary and I am a vintage gal at heart.  I shopped vintage back in the 70s and 80s before it was the cool thing to do.


I have to admit, I was once a vintage-aholic.  I loved nothing better than to spend my weekends shopping the plethora of vintage stores in my hometown, which is why Vintage: A Novel grabbed my attention.  A key element in the success of any vintage shop worth a grain of salt is the owner's relationship with her customers, and this key ingredient is what makes this novel work.  

In the novel, Susan Gloss creates a world where women are the central force.  Her novel delves into the intricacies of these women's lives at varies key life-moments, which means there is something for women of all ages to identify with in the novel.  Each chapter opens with a description of a vintage item, "Inventory Item:  wedding gown, Approximate Date: 1952, Condition: good, minor discoloration on lining, Item description:  Ivory, tea-length gown with scooped neckline and cap sleeves.  Silk taffeta with crinoline understructure.  Source:  Dress acquired from the couple's daughter, born weeks after her father's death."  Each item is used as a means to set the tone for what is to come, which, in my opinion, is a unique technique to move the story forward.

I enjoyed my time at Hourglass Vintage and highly recommend you walk through the shop's doors if you are looking for a break from heavier reads.  

I'd like to thank Edelweiss and William Morrow & Company for allowing me access to an advance readers copy (ARC) of Vintage: A Novel by Susan Gloss 

Does Vintage by Susan Gloss grab your attention?  Is it a novel you'd be interested in reading?  Let us know here at The Things You Can Read!

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  1. I very much like the sound of this book. I am here to officially cheer you on for the Readathon and hope your day is full of reading and fun! Enjoy!


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