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Saturday, August 31, 2013

One Hit Wonders

Well, one hit wonders are not limited to the music world, you can find them among writers too.  Trake a look at the most famous of the "One Hit Wonders" as determined by Huffington Post.

Every single writer can't be Charles Dickens, James Joyce or Jane Austen.

Most authors only end up with one hit book, and the rest are duds, or just don't get the same pick up (or they only wrote one book to begin with, a la Harper Lee with "To Kill a Mockingbird").

But that's really nothing to be sad over. When you write something as enduring as "Gone With the Wind" or "Paradise Lost" you're still certain to never be forgotten.

(For the record, by "one hit wonder," we mean books that were actually HITS. They don't just have to be good. They have to be popular. Therefore, some of these authors probably wrote other good books, but they just didn't reach popularity).  Huffington Post

Can you think of any "One Hit Wonders" left off the list?  Let us know here at The Things You Can Read!

Happy reading to all! ☮

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