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Friday, July 20, 2012

Give a Book for Special Occasions--Having Fun with Birthday Books

My twins will be having a birthday in two weeks and being the crazy book mom that I am, of course, they are receiving books for their birthday.  My mother always made sure that I received my very own copies of books on special occasions, such as birthdays, Christmas, Easter...I am sure that is why, as an adult, I value having my own copy of a treasured book.  

Well, back to the twins...The picture above shows what was in the Amazon box that arrived for them Wednesday.  I was so excited to see the big heavy box the mailman was scanning when I opened our front door.  After the pass off of the box from mailman to mom, I hustled to the kitchen, grabbed the scissors, and sliced through the clear tape that was holding the edges of the box together.  By now the twins were excited too, following right behind me.  Placing the opened box on the floor and removing the packaging the three of us slowly examined each item.  Squeals of delight could be heard throughout the house as the spines of new books were cracked opened, and the that "new book" smell filled our noises like perfume.  After our perusal of each of the books, I quickly gathered their gifts up and promised to read one of them before their nap.

Well, it is now two days later, and we have already finished two of the birthday books:  Me, Frida (see my review) and The Dog Who Sang at the Opera (review coming soon), both of which were wonderful.  As you can probably already tell, I am not good at holding back gifts, I get as excited as my children.  My daughter and I are also working our way through Invitation to Ballet (a longer book).  Her twin brother is not too interested in ballet, so he took a pass on this one.  Needless to say, I can't wait to share the rest of their birthday books with the them.

Equally as important as sharing the actual book with the twins, I am also excited to share my reviews with the readership of The Things You Can Read.  Make sure to check back with The Things You Can Read for reviews of the rest of the birthday stash!

One more thing, if you have a personal favorite from your childhood that you think I should add to the twin's library I'd love to know.  Leave me a comment with your suggestion.  Happy Reading and a Happy (early) Birthday shout out to the twins. 

The Magical Garden of Claude  Monet

Cezanne and the Apple Boy (Anholt's Artists)

Matisse the King of Color (Anholt's Artists Books for Children Series)

Renoir and the Boy with the Long Hair

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